Carebee is brand of company REICH PRINZ Rapid Solutions Pvt Ltd (RPRS). RPRS is an IT Company head office at Pune and having the presence in Noida and France. Our goal is to cater Healthcare organization, We provide all IT support starting from customized application software to run organization, digital marketing, content writing, animation videos and websites. We are committed to providing world-class the applications and solutions to our client.

MyCareBee software, the application is designed to provide patient's live status update for all activities like food, medicine, recording health parameters, etc to have everyone updated about patient.

CareBee is a mobile application, compatible with Android and iOS mobile devices. It is developed to assist healthcare service providers for senior citizens at home. As the senior citizens are unable to take care of themselves with increasing age and weakness, they need assistance to help them in their routine life. CareBee App primarily focuses on updating the Family member, who are living away from their elder ones with the information of daily routine activities of Patient. The Attendant can select the patient and can record all the activities of the patient like the meal, sleep time, medicine, washroom and exercise.

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