Many patients face obstacles that make it difficult for them to commit the necessary time and resources to see their provider on a regular basis. The use of telemedicine software reduces the burden on patients by eliminating time away from work, childcare concerns, and travel time and costs. A telemedicine platform not only benefits physicians but patients as well.

Telemedicine solution

Telemedicine solution using High definition (HD) videoconferencing virtually enables every specialized physician to examine patients and review medical reports remotely, and treat them confidently. From oncology and neonatal care to telepsychiatry and speech therapy, the applications for Telemedicine are boundless.

Increased patient reach at remote locations:

Provide care to patients in hard to reach places including isolated areas, prisons, remote project sites and large metropolitan areas that have a shortage of specialists or a need for additional consultations.

Timely Access:

In healthcare, timing is critical. Emergency care can be provided on a real-time basis and on-demand, without transferring patients, when time is of the essence.

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Reduced Costs and Burden:

Provide quality care more cost-effectively by avoiding/reducing expensive transfers, travel, lodging & boarding thus lowering the burden on patients and families.

  • Consultations for the second opinion
  • HD video communication